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The Concordant Mythos of Talisia

Ch. 1: Creation

In the beginning of existence, when the Planes were nothing but a single swirling mass of chaos, there existed a race of planet sized serpents which were created by a transdimensional Primordial being known as The Architect. The Architect tasked the serpents with helping it organize the threads of time and shape the swirling mass of Chaos into the 4 Planes. The Plane of Creation, The Plane of Light, The Plane of Chaos, and The Plane of Darkness. The Four Planes mirrored traits from each other, with the Plane of Creation having traits from each of them. This allowed for The Architect to design the Infinity Mirror, a mirror that allowed it to travel to any one of the Planes instantaneously. It also allowed it to cast spells into all the planes at once simultaneously and acted like a one way window, allowing the Architect to peek into each of the Planes. After the Planes were Formed, the Architect tasked 8 of It’s Serpents to guard the stability of each plane, because if any Plane became too unstable, the planes would once again go back to being a single swirling mass of Chaos. The Architect assigned two serpents to each Plane, One to keep the forces of evil in check and one to keep the forces of Good in check. The Architect then tasked the rest of his Serpents with building him a palace where he could rest for all of eternity, located in a hidden pocket between the 4 Realms, located outside of the threads of time. Then, the Architect finished his design by creating an Object called the Orb of Infinity, which he placed all of his magic inside, giving it a life and will of its own. Then he separated the Orb of Infinity into 4 shards, called the Shards of Infinity, which it placed into each of the Planes. Each Shard had a single will of the whole Orb of Infinity. The shard placed in the Plane of Light had the Will of Creation and was known as the Shard of Creation. The Shard Placed in the Realm of Darkness had the Will of Death and was known as the Shard of Death, The Shard placed in the Realm of Chaos had the will of Destruction and was known as the Shard of Destruction, and the Shard placed in the Realm of Creation had the Will of Life and was known as the Shard of Life. Each of the Shards were connected to the Architect’s Infinity Mirror, allowing him to spy on those in possession of the shards.

Ch. 2: Mirrored Divinity

The Shard of Creation activated as soon as it reached the Realm of Light, creating the Gods and imbuing them with the Architect’s Magic. The other Shards across the different realms mirrored this, creating their own Godforms. The Shard of life created the 4 Stalkers and placed a piece of its will inside of each. The Stalkers were immortal, humanoid, undead creatures with glowing colored eyes representing the will they possess. The stalkers are as follows: The Red Stalker - Excitement, Strength, Love, Energy The Purple Stalker - Royalty, Luxury, Spirituality, Ambition The Green Stalker - Nature, Healing, Freshness, Quality The Blue Stalker - Trust, Peace, Loyalty, Competence Each of the Stalkers emerged from the waters in the Planes of Creation and together, they created the Primordial Spirits. Powerful beings made up of different elements. The Primordials worked together to create the land above the waters in the Planes of Creation, all under the guidance of the Stalkers. Once the land was constructed, both the Primordials and the Stalkers went into a deep hibernation-like state, as the planes of creation were balanced. The Shard of Death created a transplaner race of 6 beings mirroring the Gods created by the Shard of Creation called the Reapers, dark angelic beings that take the shape of cloaks, and passed down its power over death to them. The Shard of Destruction created the 4 Vagrants to mirror the 4 Stalkers created by the Shard of Life, Immortal beast like beings each inheriting the will of destruction. Together, they kept the storms of chaos from overtaking the other Planes. The 6 Gods created by the shard of Creation, Anno, Nedona, Honas, Iais, Ytiss, and Limton, explored the planes until they came upon the Plane of Creation, unprotected by the Stalkers and Primordials, teeming with the possibility of Life. They decided to claim this land as their own and create their children in it.

Ch. 3: Talisia & Sylvera

Anno created Shokai, the Mother of all dragons. Honas and Nedona created Lunar, father of all elves, and Sol, Mother of all elves. They filled the world with the beauties of nature. Iais created Humans, who used the gifts of those before them to create inventions that revolutionized technology. Limton created Sun Wu, King of the beasts. He created all of the natural creatures of the world, including Sabers, Jackals, and Chim Chis. They blessed the world with food and bold art. Together, they created a race of humanoid angels called the Kai to protect them and named the world Talisia, and they lived amongst their children, eventually building a great city together. They named the city Sylvera, a city filled with magic, riches, festivals, feasts, and various other grand events constantly happening within the city walls. The city itself stretched for almost 20,000 square miles and was filled with all kinds of arcane libraries, smiths, and other magical shops.

Ch. 4: The Shattering

Life flourished throughout Sylvera and Talisia, but one God found himself jealous of all the others. The God of Death, Ytiss, despised the creations of his siblings, so he went behind their back to find a way to destroy them. While searching, Ytiss stumbled upon the Shard of Life, and upon further research, found it to be the source of immorality among his siblings' creations. Without hesitation, Ytiss used all of his power to shatter the Shard, shaking the foundation of Talisia to its core. This caused the other realms to mirror this event, causing all of the other Shards of infinity to Shatter. The creatures which inhabited Talisia became mortal and began to experience a new phenomena called Death. Mass amounts of creatures began to die all at once, causing the Reapers to travel into the Planes of Creation in order to collect the souls of the deceased. The shattering of the Shard of Life awoke the Primordials and Stalkers, which instantly began to emerge and destroy all of the things which were created by the Gods of the Planes of Light. Ytiss used the chaos to gain access to the Shard of Creation and created an army of monsters by distorting the creations of his siblings. He then began to turn the Kai into a race of demonic humanoid creatures called the Senats. The creatures Ytiss Created include Shadow Hounds, Night Terrors, Death Stalkers, Gloom Reapers, and Twisted Titans. The shattering of the Shards also caused the Planes to begin merging together again, which awoke the 8 serpents sent by the Architect. The war that ensued caused the total destruction of Sylvera as the once whole Lands of Talisia was split into 3 major continents and 7 smaller Island clusters, but hope remained as the Gods managed to make a deal with the Stalkers. They agreed that after the Gods helped their creations rebuild, they would leave the Planes of Creation and would take the Shard of Creation with them. The Stalkers and the Primordials sided with the Gods and turned the tide of the war in their favor, allowing them to defeat Ytiss and his monsters. With the fighting over, balance returned to the 4 Planes and the Serpents returned to their slumber. The pieces of the Shard of Life and the Shard of Creation were scattered throughout Talisia, and began to restore life to the world. Over the next 25 years, the Gods used the Shard of Creation to repair the damage that was done to the Planes of Creation, allowing all of the different races to quickly evolve and establish settlements on the different continents throughout Talisia. This event was forever known as the Shattering.

Ch. 5: The War of The Crossover

After the 25 years of peace were over, a human mage named Auga discovered a piece of the shattered Shard of Life. While doing secret research on the piece, he discovers that it is a larger part of a whole and begins to gather disciples in order to help him find the rest of the pieces. Instead of gathering all of the correct pieces, Auga manages to reconstruct a shard of infinity using a mixture of pieces from both the Shard of Creation and the Shards of life, causing the same thing to happen with the Shard of Destruction and the Shard of Death in the Plans of Chaos. The refusion of this new Shard caused the realms to once again begin to fuse together and turned Auga and his 11 disciples into immortal humanoid creatures made of living darkness swirling on top of itself called Chaos Vagrants. It also caused a crack to appear in the Architechs Infinity Mirror, which created a rift in the sky, connecting the Planes of Chaos to the Planes of Creation. The Refusion of the Shards of Infinity caused a temporal rift to appear in the sky, returned immortality to all creatures, and released an army of Chaos creatures on Talisia. All the creatures in the world and the Gods, teamed up and fought a massive war against the armies of Chaos. This event was called the War of The Crossover, which lasted 18 days. On the 18th day, the Gods managed to cast a spell on the Shard, shattering the amalgamation and refusing the pieces into the Shards of Creation and Life, closing the temporal rift and once again returning order to the world. Then the Gods built a living maze underground and hid the Shard of Life there. With balance returned to the Planes, the Gods took the Shard of Creation and returned to the Planes of Light with it, honoring the treaty between themselves and the Stalkers, and vowed never to return physically to Talisia ever again.

Ch. 6: The Age of Life

With each of the Shards of Infinity whole once again, immortality and magic flowed through Talisia once again like water. For 10,000 years, the different races spread out from their original homelands, spreading across the Talisian seas and settling into the newly formed Continents and Islands. It was primarily Humans who decided to claim and rebuild the great city of Sylvera and its continent. Their King at the time, King Yoseph Arcadia, named the continent “Arcadia” after himself so that all of Talisia would remember him. Some humans risked the travel and made their way to a set of Islands off the northern Coast of Arcadia. Iais fell in love watching the leader of the Group of Humans, who called himself Diggore Mullafell, so she blessed him with the power of life in the palms of his hands. Using the power that Iais had given him, Diggore planted an apple tree in the center of the biggest Island, which grew to have golden leaves, transparent glass-like bark, and produced golden apples with magical healing capabilities. Diggore would go on to name the set of Islands the Mullafell Isles and would later give rise to the Mullafellion Viking Clans. The Dragons and their descendents traveled to a small continent located just off of the Eastern shores of Arcadia which they named Draconia. There, the Dragons began to mingle with other races, eventually giving birth to the Drakens, a smaller, more humanoid species. The Elven races headed Northwest of Arcadia and settled down in a chain of 4 Islands which they named The Elven Shores. The beast races headed southwest together following their ruler and King, Sun Wu, to a tropical island filled with tropical forest and savanna-like rolling grasslands. Sun Wu had a temple dedicated to Limton built in the heart of the Island and named it The Pridelands of Limton. With no Gods left to protect, the Kai left from Arcadia as well and headed due West , eventually landing on a continent shaped like a head. The 4 leaders of the Kai, known as the High Sepherim, named it Halo and swore an oath amongst themselves to keep peace throughout Talisia.

Ch. 7: The Ascension of Uzot

In the wake of ten millennia, a venerable, purple-scaled dragon named Uzot sought out seven students to embark on a journey into the mysterious art of Harmonyx. Within this discipline lay the secrets of wielding the dual forces of chaos and harmony, granting them extraordinary powers and the ability to commune with enigmatic beings from the realm of chaos. Their quest led them deep into the heart of the living maze, all in pursuit of the elusive Shard of Life. Alongside Uzot and his chosen disciples, 800 intrepid explorers ventured into the labyrinth, a hundred devoted to each student and a hundred for Uzot himself. The tale of what transpired within those twisting passages remains shrouded in mystery. Legends whisper that only Uzot and his students emerged victorious, utilizing the Shard to breathe life back into those who had fallen during the arduous journey. Returning to their Draconian laboratory, Uzot and his students delved deeper into the Shard of Life, unearthing its hidden truths and its ties to the vast Planes of Existence. Yet, the insatiable thirst for knowledge pushed Uzot to merge himself with the Shard, forging an unbreakable connection to the other realms. Now, he could traverse the Planes at will. Journeying to the chaotic domains, Uzot and his disciples encountered the Shard of Chaos. Succumbing to its seductive allure, Uzot merged with it as well, gaining near-boundless powers of destruction, but also subjecting his mind to the will of Chaos itself. Thus transformed, Uzot unveiled his newfound enlightenment to his students, revealing that the Gods, their very creators, had deceived them and concealed the Shards' true potential. He renounced the rule of the Gods, declaring that his followers were destined to rise above their creators, claiming their rightful places in the Pantheon. Marshaling his devoted disciples, Uzot organized them into military ranks, with his students assuming the roles of his seven Generals. He granted them godlike powers, skillfully combining the energies of the Shard of Life and the Shard of Chaos. Now armed with a formidable army, Uzot led them to the divine Planes of Light, ready to wage war against the ancient Gods. The moment Uzot and his followers descended upon Eden, the celestial city of the Gods, the heavens trembled. The disgruntled siblings Ytiss and Nedona, swayed by Uzot's oration, turned against their kin. Uzot had effectively convinced them that the mortals of Talisia, in the Planes of Creation, should be subservient and fearful of them. It was a rebellion rooted in their own diminishing followers since their departure from Talisia. A cataclysmic battle erupted, the skies torn asunder by divine clashes. The details of this epic struggle have faded into myth and legend, lost to the passage of time. Days of furious combat ensued until Uzot harnessed the combined might of the Shards of Life and Chaos, striking down Anno, the Dragon God, and assimilating his life essence. And so, in that moment of triumphant absorption, Uzot transcended into the God of Chaos himself, an indomitable force forever altering the course of their reality and forever etching their names into the annals of time.

Ch. 8: Convergence of Chaos and Creation

Defeated and on the brink of death, the remaining Gods - Iais, Limton, and Honas - utilized the Shard of Creation to escape the clutches of Uzot's relentless generals. They retreated to Talisia, seeking respite from their pursuers. Meanwhile, the Celestials of Light, embodiments of the Gods from the Planes of Light, valiantly resisted Uzot's advances but were ultimately vanquished. Uzot's generals, infused with newfound chaotic power, continued their destructive conquest. As Uzot and his forces focused on subduing the Planes of Light, the surviving Gods rallied their followers in Talisia's Planes of Creation. However, a sinister turn of events unfolded when the Dragons, Dark Elves, and Senats unexpectedly sided with Uzot's army. The breach of the treaty between the Gods and the Stalkers and Primordials brought forth a renewed menace - the reawakened Stalkers ignited a conflict that turned the very fabric of the Planes against the warring factions. The battleground was a sprawling, untouched continent to the south of Draconia. Once host to vibrant, exotic flora and fauna, it now bore the scars of the intense battle. Uzot, upon entering the fray, unleashed his formidable power, rending the continent into eight fragmented pieces. The ensuing conflict was so fierce that the landscape itself was forever marred, its beauty replaced by a haunting crimson hue - a testament to the bloodshed that stained the land. As the war raged on, Uzot grew weary of the ceaseless fighting. Determined to end the conflict decisively, he harnessed his power to merge the realms of Creation and Chaos. His audacious move prompted the remaining Gods to take desperate action. Forging a magic spear with the Shard of Creation, they struck at the core of Uzot's strength - the fused Shard of Life. The collision shattered the shard into five fragments, and Uzot's power spiraled into unstable chaos. This instability caused him to shift erratically between the Planes of Chaos and Creation. Seizing the opportunity, the Gods plunged the magic spear into the Shard of Chaos. The impact birthed a cataclysmic explosion that obliterated Uzot's physical form, banishing his astral essence to the Planes of Chaos. The continent, scarred and changed forever, now stood as a testament to the epic clash between primordial forces. The aftermath of the conflict left the Planes of Creation and Chaos forever intertwined, their boundaries forever blurred. The surviving races and Gods were left to grapple with the consequences of their actions, forever shaping the course of their worlds.

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