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Unveiling the Myths: Updates, Recaps, and Sneak Peeks for Mythos: Tales From Talisia

Welcome to "Unveliling the Myths"!

Greetings, fellow adventurers and myth-weavers! We are thrilled to welcome you to the inaugural post of our brand-new blog, "Unveliling the Myths." This digital realm is destined to become a sanctuary for all fans of our enthralling TTRPG podcast, where stories are spun, destinies are forged, and the boundless worlds of imagination come alive.

Embark on a Journey of Wonder and Discovery

At "Mythos: Tales From Talisia," our mission is to transport you to the mesmerizing realm of Talisia, a place brimming with enigmatic lore, captivating characters, and daring exploits. This blog shall be your trusty guide, providing a glimpse into the inner workings of our enthralling TTRPG universe and beyond.

What's In Store for You Today

Today's extraordinary chronicle shall illuminate the path forward, revealing the awe-inspiring future of our podcast and the captivating games that dwell within it. Within these virtual pages, you shall find wondrous tales of:

1. "Mythos: Tales From Talisia" Podcast Updates:

Explore the latest developments in our TTRPG podcast as we unveil upcoming adventures, twists, and surprises. Delve into the mythical annals and catch a glimpse of the heroes' journeys yet to unfold.

2. "Bloodlines" TTRPG:

Venture forth into the fantastical world of "Bloodlines," a TTRPG that intertwines fate, legacy, and ancient prophecies. Discover forthcoming features, mechanics, and exhilarating additions that shall weave new layers into the ever-expanding tapestry of our game.

3. "The GAU (Gods Among Us) TCG" Wonders:

Behold the majesty of "The GAU," a thrilling TCG that pits divine beings against one another in epic duels. Prepare to be astonished by the divine updates, glorious card reveals, and future events that shall challenge your tactical prowess.

4. A Glimpse into Talisia's Vast Lore:

For those new to the mystical world of Talisia, we offer a tantalizing glimpse into its rich and mysterious lore. For veteran travelers, fear not; we shall recount past legends, delve into epic sagas, and refresh your memory with captivating recaps.

Join the Journey and Unleash Your Imagination

As we set sail upon this extraordinary adventure, we invite you, dear readers, to become part of this vibrant community. Engage with the content, share your thoughts, and embark on this unforgettable journey of creativity and camaraderie.

So, dear seekers of tales and seekers of fate, fasten your seatbelts, tune your hearts to the frequency of wonder, and prepare to set forth on an odyssey unlike any other. We, the storytellers of "Mythos: Tales From Talisia," eagerly await your company as we traverse the realms of fantasy and forge everlasting memories together.

"Mythos: Tales From Talisia" Podcast Updates:

Last Thursday's episode, "Ep. 9 - Lucious Vs. The High Priest" marks what very well may be the start of the best combat episodes with seen from Lucious yet. This is your first and final warning, everything from here on out is spoiler territory and you can't say we didn't warn you. If you aren't caught up and want to know what in Nedona's name we're talking about, you can listen to episodes 1 - 9 at

With the spolier warnings out of the way, let's get into it. Episode 9 ended with Lucious, The High Priest of Nedona, and Simon rolling initiative and preparing to enter combat after the High Priest managed to bring a dead townsguard back from the dead. With all that going on, it's sometimes easy to forget that Lucious is on a timer.

Episode 8 had Lucious face to face with the Mayor of Oakgrove, a Dark Elf of shorter stature who repremands Lucious for not acting like a capable solidier. Honestly, he probably needed to hear everything that the Mayor told him. Lucious had left his platoon by the end of episode 1, managed to get drunk and sleep through the start of the crossover, and didn't alert the mayor about the situation. This resulted in the whole city being on edge and nearly destroyed, with only a handful of townsguard remaining to defend it from the incoming waves of the Crossover.

It seemed as though Lucious was going to simply set up the Chaos Runes that he got at the Black Hermit's hut, but on his way out the city he managed to run into the High Priest of Nedona and his followers. After following the group around the city for a little while, Lucious follows them to a clearing in front of Oakgroves Temple where he witnesses the priest rise a townsguard from the dead. This townsguard turns out to be Simon's best friend!

Despite multiple warnings from the people in the area, and even Simon himself, Lucious feels like something just isn't right about what's happening. Maybe it has something to do with the strange shard attached to the High Priest's necklace. Well, until Thursday, we won't know anymore information about this mysterious figure, or if the Lucious's hunch was correct.

Even with so many unknowns, one thing is for sure, Demetrius has something big in store for us. Stay tuned for episode 10, the Rune Retrieval Arch is just beggining so it's only going to get better. New episodes of Mythos: Tales From Talisia release every Thursdays morning at 12:00 AM Eastern Time.

"Bloodlines" TTRPG

"Bloodlines" is a brand new tabletop role-playing game coming from our friends over at TrendyGuyz™. No official date has been released, but we are expecting the official rules to be ready for release around late December of 2023, early January of 2024.

Season 1 of Mythos: Tales From Talisia uses an early alpha of the game's first edition, which let us experience some of the core mechanics of the game, most of which we hope to see in the beta and, if we're lucky, even in the official first edition release. We have a lot to reveal, but we can't tell everything just yet, so here is a list of what we will be covering in today's update:

  1. Basic Mechanics

  2. Combat

  3. Classes

  4. Races

Basic Mechanics

Everything we've seen so far is subject to change, so take everything after this point with a grain of salt. "Bloodlines" alpha used a standard d20 system very similar to ones used in popular TTRPGs such as D&D, but insider information has revealed to us that the upcoming beta release of the game will use a new and improved system. Details of the system are yet to be uncovered, however, our sources tell us that the new system will still utilize the d20 dice as the main focus of the system.


Let our sources tell it, we shouldn't expect too many big changes with the combat system used in the alpha version of the game. The original "Bloodlines" combat system had a unique stamina system introducing an intresting and engaging resource management aspect, giving player's a pletherah of options during combat. These options included attacking, countering, blocking, dodging, and the biggest edition to the combat system being performing combos. For right now, we should expect some simple mechanic tweaks to the stamina and combo systems, the biggest change possible helping to balance out damage.


One of the most unique aspects of "Bloodlines" is it's deep class and leveling system. Like in most TTRPGs, players in "Bloodlines" will start off with a single base class. Players can additional choose a Subclass at level 5 and a Secondary class at level 10. The alpha version of the game included a large selection of diverse classes, but had a small selection of skills and abilities for each and it was very clear that the game was in it's early stages of development. According to our sources at TrendyGuyz™, the beta release will supposedly include a few new classes including the Viking, Trickstar, and Chemist classes. All of the classes will also be getting new, in-depth skill trees and other major additions and changes allowing for deeper character customization.


The "Bloodlines" alpha release was full of new, unique races never before seen in the TTRPG space including the Chim-Chi, Snargle, Frostian, Senat, and Stone-One races and more. The beta and official release of the game will supposedly keep the same cast of races, while removing smaller, less played races like the Valkery Race. All of the races will be getting official art as well as new abilities and other editions.

The "GAU (Gods Among Us)" TCG Wonders

"GAU" is a trading card game that is still in the early concept development stage. The team is so excited about it that we couldn't help but announcing it's development to our Mythos family. The team over at TrendyGuyz™ have been hard at work proofing concept art and the basic mechanics of the game, offering an easy introduction with easy to understand and simple rules. Supposedly, the main goal of the game will be to reduce your opponent's life to 0. Players will embody heroes as they advance their way into Godhood, allowing players to summon monsters, equip items, and cast powerfull spells to help defeat those who oppose you. Although everything is still being planned out, it seems like we've got a lot to look forward too. As with everything else in this update, we will be posting regular updates every monday, beggining with this post, so hopefully we will have more information soon.

A Glimpse into Talisia's Vast Lore

For those of you who are new to the "Mythos: Tales From Talisia" podcast, it takes place in the "Bloodlines" aplha edition's main campaign setting, a world called "Talisia". This might not actually mean much, because the people who created it, A.K.A the Gods (more on them in another post), came from another Plane of existince. What we're must interested about, however, is the being called "The Architect" in chapter 1 of the Mythos. Everything else from here on out is spoilers, if you want to learn more about Talisia's lore check out The Concordant Mythos of Talisia.

The Architect is a being that existed before any of the Planes were created, so where did he come from. Demetrius Hobgood, the head DM (Destiny Master) for the show, explained it as The Architect simply being a being from, "... another world, possible even another time, long ago or far in the future depending on how you look at it." This didn't do anything but make us scratch our heads. For now, we can look forward to seeing lucious fight a priest with a shard of The Architect's Infinity Mirror, maybe we can find some more answers this Thursday.

Journey Onward with "Mythos: Tales From Talisia"

As we draw the curtains on this exhilarating chronicle, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to each of you, dear readers, for embarking on this epic journey with us. "Unveiling the Myths" is merely the beginning of a grand adventure, where the realms of imagination blend seamlessly with the intricacies of gameplay.

From the heart of Georgia to every corner of the world, we are humbled by the camaraderie and enthusiasm you have bestowed upon us. Your unwavering support fuels our passion for storytelling and gamecrafting, driving us to reach new heights in our TTRPG podcast, "Mythos: Tales From Talisia."

As you traverse the paths of "Bloodlines," engage in epic duels in "The GAU," and immerse yourself in the enigmatic lore of Talisia, remember that your presence enriches this shared odyssey. We cherish each moment spent together, and it is your indomitable spirit that brings life to the extraordinary worlds we envision.

In the weeks and months ahead, as we unveil more tantalizing updates and captivating tales, we eagerly await your return to this digital sanctuary. Let us weave the threads of fate together, and with boundless imagination, let us continue scripting the sagas of heroes and gods alike.

So, fellow adventurers, until we meet again under the stars of Talisia, may your dreams be filled with wondrous realms and thrilling adventures.

Infinite gratitude and boundless wonder,

The "Mythos: Tales From Talisia" Team

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