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Embark on a thrilling adventure through the mystical realms of Talisia, a land teeming with magic, mystery, and legendary tales waiting to be told. Join our intrepid band of heroes, brought to life by talented and seasoned role-players, as they undertake daring quests, explore dangerous dungeons, and forge unforgettable alliances.

Mythos: Tales from Talisia is a captivating weekly tabletop RPG podcast, perfect for veterans and newcomers alike. Whether you're an experienced gamer, an aspiring dungeon master, or simply looking for an immersive, story-driven experience, our podcast is designed to delight and inspire your sense of adventure.

New episodes of Mythos: Tales From Talisia are available every Thursday on your favorite Podcast app.

Welcome to Talisia, a realm shrouded in ancient secrets and forged through the fires of war. For millennia, the powerful Shard lay forgotten, until a purple dragon named Uzot unearthed its devastating power. With gods betrayed and armies amassed, Talisia witnessed the clash of nations and the rise of heroes. Now, as the echoes of the Dark Ages fade, a fragile peace hangs in the balance, threatened by a recurring phenomenon known as the Crossover.

Are You Prepared?

About The Show

Mythos: Tales From Talisia is an actual-play TTRPG audio drama podcast hosted mainly by Demetrius Hobgood, Chase Hobgood, Dre2Trendy, and Jaylin Walker using the "BloodLines System"

It all started in 2022 when a group of friends sat around a table, bored, and decided to try a game unlike anything they'd ever played before. They loved the world that they built so much that they decided to bring it alive for others to experience.

If you would like to contact the show, send us a message.


Lead Destiny Master (DM)

Demetrius Hobgood

Demetrius Hobgood is the Destiny Master (DM), Editor, and Lead sound designer for Mythos: Tales From Talisia. He is also an aspiring writer and Mangaka, but don't quote him on that.

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Voice Actor

Jaylin Walker

Jaylin Walker plays Lucious in Mythos: Tales From Talisia and also works closely along side Demetrius and Dre2Trendy to make all of the show's music and sound effects.

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Voice Actor/ Co-DM


Dre2Trendy is the head founder of TrendyGuyz, Co-DM of Mythos Tales from Talisia, and loves to go hooping.

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Voice Actor

Chase Hobgood

Chase Hobgood is the younger brother of Demetrius, a hardcore gamer, and is one of the key developers of the "Bloodlines" TTRPG system used throughout the show.

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